Survivor, Spring

Survived the finale of a Spring game.

Survivor, Fall

Survived the finale of a Fall game.

Lone Warrior

Be the only human to complete the mission objective.

I Got Better

Used an antidote to respawn after death.

Our Only Hope

Attend the finale as a human.

Triple Kill

Collected 3 kills in a short interval.

Quadra Kill

Collected 4 kills in a short interval.


Collected 5 kills in a short interval.

Patient Zero

Was an OZ.

Shoulda Been Paying Attention

Kill a human while they're disputing a kill with an admin.

For The Horde!

Attend the finale as a zombie.

Now I Am The Master

Surpass the OZ in kills.

Alpha Zombie

Was an AZ.

Giving Aid

Completed 2 missions.


Completed 5 missions.

Always Running

Completed 10 missions.

Can We Build It?

Complete a build mission.

Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff

Complete a stealth mission.

First Blood

Be the first human killed by the OZ.

Learned Something New Today

Attend a player meeting.

Do I Get A Hat?

Collect 10 Achievements.

Roll For It!

Sometimes chance pays off...

Do I Get... Another Hat?

Collect 15 Achievements.

Transmission Vector

Recruit a new player, and make sure they join in the fun by playing at least one mission.

Pay 2 Win

The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.