Tanner Muldoon

Tanner Muldoon
Head Admin
Head TA Admin
Headphone Admin

"Your bandana doesn't seem to fit.
You're much too alive in it."

Please don't play around doors.

You should take CS 2200.
Courtenay Morse

Courtenay Morse
Head Admin
The quiet admin
Silent but Deadly
The Math Major

Hello! I am Courtenay, third year math major, and still so new to admining that I’m still excited about it. I can often be found dancing at different clubs at tech and jumping to try new things like some kind of deranged junkie. Hit me up for cool math facts or pictures of dead things. I’m a sister at Alpha Delta Chi (the Christian sorority) a good listener, and not Schizophrenic. I wish everyone a good game and Remember to have fun!

Adithya Nott

Adithya Nott
The Admin of Hyrule
Meme Stunning Implement Admin
Gains A New Title Each Semester

This will be my fourth game as a chaotic admin, so you will probably find me looking for novel ways to make things perfectly balanced, as all things should be. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

Btw can confirm that Hoodie Pillows and Android Plushies are top tier stunning implements.

Justin Harrison

Justin Harrison
The Dark Admin

Hello and welcome to Humans vs Zombies future survivors/probable zombie chow! I am one of your newer admins and happy say I can't wait to see how the future games will play out. After 5 games, and finally getting survivor, I figured I'd get away from the paranoia (it's not that bad XD) and instead be an admin, enjoy meeting new players, and help out the game in general.

I am a 4th-year math student and (hopefully) graduating in the next 2 years. My hobbies include table tennis (you might occasionally see me at the table tennis club at the CRC if you're around), playing Smite, smash and a couple different fighters, playing tuba (you might also catch me playing in the marching band), math (duh), and making new friends wherever I can, so stop by anytime and say hi!

Also, enjoy the game. And try not to die. Oh who am I kidding, you're already dead.

Matias Herbener

Matias Herbener
Matias? As an admin??
Died to a locked door

After 3 semesters of dying before Wednesday night, I became a zombie. After 2 semesters of survivors, I decided to become an admin. Will report back on the next step.

My best advice? Play the game, but interact with people too. The game's a heck of a lot funner when you're playing with friends. Especially at missions. Go to missions.

Derek Matthews

Derek Matthews
Meme Admin
Creator of Garbagewolf
Chaotic Evil Dungeonmaster
The No Sock Aficionado
Once Killed by a Zombie on Crutches

When I was a player, I took everything as a joke and the whole game was one big meme but now as an admin, I will become a true professional and take all of this incredibly seriously...nah we all know everything is still a meme.
If you don't know me, I can tell you pretty much anything about the Harry Potter series or the past 40 years of WWE. I'm also always down to discuss why Ratatouille is the best Pixar film ever as my admin image shows and I have a surprising amount of knowledge about Disney Channel Original Movies. Also the thing I'm most passionate about is Jesus so if you want to talk about that, definitely come talk to me!
To be real with you, this is actually just something for my resume so that Quizno's will finally call me back and give me the job.

Anish Moorthy

Anish Moorthy
100% winrate with Pay2Win
Needs to buy shirts that aren't green
Mysterious Enigma

I was having a perfectly good time running around collecting achievements until Adithya came over and sucker punched me right in my sense of responsibility. After coming to terms with the fact that I'll never be able to get double hats, I found a new purpose in life:to ensuring a fun and interactive game for everyone preventing anyone else from getting them either

Death should be welcomed as a new life experience. Also humans should run at the zombies more, it usually works out great! I'm just gonna blame Josh for that one time it didn't nervously shuffles away whistling

Michael Moschella

Michael Moschella
Admin “Admin” Admin
Played Like a Damn Fiddle
Dance Dance Revolution Tryhard
Designated Bag Watcher
Whistle Admin

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night I feel my leg, my arm, even my fingers. The body I’ve lost, the comrades I’ve lost, it’s all still hurting, like they’re still there. You feel it too don’t you? I’m gonna make them take back our past.

Cipher sent us to hell, but we’re going even deeper, no greater purpose, no just cause, only for revenge.

In all seriousness, I’m a second year CS Major and have played two prior semesters as zombie.

Outside of HvZ, I play a lot of fighting games and bridge, and over the past year have become a competitor in DDR as well. Check out my vods from last Saturday’s tournament!

Joshua Netter

Joshua Netter
Human LeadershipLUL Admin
Old As Dirt Admin
The Big Tipper

Joshua Netter, no one does it better, habitual bed wetter, a real trend-setter, wears a Shrek-themed sweater.TM

Asher Saet

Asher Saet
The Admin-Tactician of Ylisse
Pls Nerf Admin
100% Winrate
Apparently the Assistant Webmin

Welcome to the beginning of the end! I'm Asher, a freshman (crazy, right? Relax, you're in good hands.) I have experience as an admin and HvZ player, but this is my first time helping with a non-online game and I'm very excited to see you all play. I had a ton of fun surviving in Fall 2018, and my goal as an admin for Spring 2019 is for all players to have a safe, enjoyable experience.

Good luck, have fun, and most importantly, check your targets! Non-players are non-players for a reason...

On a different note, I invite you to talk to me about videogames, anime, or music recommendations, either to listen to or to play! :)


The Admin We Needed
Not the Admin we Deserved

YOU could be our next admin. Admin applications go out after the game.