Erikzzon Latoja
Head Admin Assassin/Arrow Admin
Master of Arms
ZZ Top

Ahh, so it’s that time of year again. Greetings, future heroes/zombie-food. I am Erikzzon “yes with Two Z’s” Latoja: lover, fighter, and hunter of the dark and evil forces that plague our land. I’m a third-year, fourth-time admin. Prove your worth, players, and maybe, just maybe I’ll be working in your favor. Hope the admin team doesn’t deem you as a target, however, for I am trained in the art of making issues “disappear,” if you will. My aim will be true and my judgement will be swift, should such action be necessary. Cheers.


Ajene D. Ennis
The “fill” Admin or the “blank” Admin, also Head Admin
Official problem solver

Hello, I have played about 4 games and I love zombies. Humans are weak but show admirable valor in their pitiful fight against the horde. I like video games, building stuff, card games, board games, basically any game, cosplay, and any music with nice bass. My advice to humans is to high five the zombies, my advice to the zombies is to charge the puny humans. If you need something done, I can get it done.


Sam Duke
The Mad Doctor Admin

GREETINGS! I am Sam (Sam, I am). This is my sixth HvZ game, and my third as an admin. I have experienced both sides of this conflict, human and zombie. I have played this game every year since I got here and I always have had a great time. My hobbies include video games, board games, playing my violin, and browsing reddit. My advice for players would be to watch your corners, travel with a buddy, and above all have fun! I’m always up for a chat, so if you see me walking around, don’t be shy and say hello!


Wade Miletto
The Super Saiyan Admin

The Admins power level is over 9000! Humans clock in around a ten or so and zombies just a lowly 5. Even weaker than Yamcha. It’s my first time adminning the game though I’ve played several games. I enjoy video games, cosplay, anime, killing humans, taking over planets, and occasionally saving the world. You can never have too much ammo humans and zombies need to stay strong and CHARGE!


Maxwell McRae
High Functioning


Player for five games, and Admin for one.

Game design major not used to the sun.

Take aim with a sock, or build a blowgun.

See the horde coming, I suggest you run.

It's not always safe to go for the stun.

Please just remember to always have fun!


Meredith "Murdiff" Sanders
The Potato Admin
Master of Achievements

Hey! I’m Meredith, a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major. I’ve played multiple HvZ games and was once OZ. In my free time I enjoy playing video games and staring passionately into my cat’s eyes (she’s featured in Max’s admin pic). My favorite video game series ever is the Legend of Zelda - you should definitely come geek out with me over it sometime. If you bring me mashed potatoes, we’ll be good friends. Let’s have an awesome game!



Alex "Sonic" McArthur
Actually the Real Webmin
Admin of Boundless Hype
Speedy Hedgehog Admin

Hey guys and gals, it’s the man behind that majestic photo up there.  This is my second time as an admin, but I’ve been a player for four games now.  I’m sure you humans remember your victory my OZ game, well I’ve decided to take a more administrative role in the apocalypse *evil laugh*.  In all seriousness, we’ve got some crazy fun stuff planned for this game, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Chandler Watkins
Chan Chan
That guy with a bow

Welcome to all of you new HvZ players, and welcome back to everyone else. My name is Chandler and I'm a 2nd year computer engineering major. I've played 3 games before and I've always either died Monday morning, or participated in finale as a human. To be honest, I probably just became an admin so that it's not possible for me to die on Monday. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and I hope to help run a great game of HvZ! Just remember to always watch your back unless you're a zombie, in which case you should probably be watching a human's back.



Javier Rodriguez
Marco's Roommate

Hello everyone, I am a 4th year CS student. I’ve been playing HVZ for almost all of my college career. After a long journey, now I will serve my final game as an admin. I’m a big fan of all things gaming and geek culture, with some of my favorite games being Destiny and Overwatch. I’m excited to help bring new ideas to the table and welcome HvZ players into another great game. Get ready to become legend™, players.


Brennen Bukovics
That One Guy

Hello! I am a 4th year ECE student currently in grad school. This is my seventh game and my first game as an admin. As a player, I enjoyed the adrenaline associated with the fight to survive. As an admin, I hope to allow you all to enjoy that same excitement. Good luck, have fun! Don’t hurt yourself. Much.


The Admin We Needed
Not the Admin we Deserved

YOU could be our next admin. Admin applications go out after the game.