Humans vs. Zombies
At Georgia Tech

Welcome to the largest game on Georgia Tech's campus, Humans vs Zombies.

The Fall 2015 game is from Sept 28-Oct 4th, with signups opening Monday September 21. Sign-up here

Player meetings will be at the following times:

Tuesday, September 22 at 7pm in CoC 345
Thursday, September 24 at 7pm in Klaus 2456
Friday, September 25 at 7pm in CoC 345
Saturday, September 26 at 3pm in CoC 345
Sunday, September 27 at 7pm in CoC 347

We will be at a table in the Student Center from September 21-28. Come by to pick up your bandanna. If you happened to cut your bandanna in half last semester to help us out and would like a replacement bring the half bandanna to us and we'll provide you one free of charge.

If you're new to the game, bienvenido, aloha, salve, and welcome! Humans vs. Zombies is a large game similar to tag, played by hundreds of people on campus every semester. Each player signs up and receives a yellow bandanna, which they wear on the upper arm or leg to denote themselves as human. Zombies, who wear their bandanna on the head, tag humans to increase the zombie population. Humans can defend themselves by stunning zombies with approved stunning projectiles, taking the zombies out of play for a limited time.

All players must be signed up on our website and carry a player ID, to be turned over when tagged by a zombie. To sign up, go to your Profile and register your information. HvZ is a great way to meet interesting people, learn your way around campus, and have a fun time. Join the game, and fight for your survival!