1. Where can I pick up my bandana?

    Bandanas may be picked up from the Admin table located across from Chick-Fil-A in the Student Center before the game starts, at a player meeting, or before the first mission.

  2. What should I do if I need to remove my bandana?

    Anyone can remove their bandana temporarily to fix it. Zombies are stunned if they remove it for longer than a few seconds while outside. Humans are expected to wear their bandana any time unless they are in a No Play Zone, dormitory building, classroom or scheduled academic activity.

  3. I want my friend to be able to use a blaster that I have registered. What do I have to do?

    Players can use blasters that have been registered by someone else for up to one mission. After that mission, the player must register the blaster under their name. Any number of players may be registered on one blaster.

  4. If I can't use a blaster when I might hit a Non-Player on accident, what should I do to protect myself when there are crowds?

    We highly recommend players carry auxiliary thrown stunning implements for use leaving buildings, during class changes, or around busy walkways. Otherwise, you will not be able to stun the Zombies.

  5. How can I safely leave Marching Band with my instrument?

    Following the Marching Band, all Humans leaving SAC Fields are considered in No Play until they enter a building. The Humans becomes in Play once they leave the building. Otherwise, players must find a way to bring their instrument to Marching Band.

  6. What should I do if I try to enter a No Play Zone or time reaches 11 PM but there is a Zombie nearby?

    If a conflict occurs, it must be resolved before entering the No Play Zone or before you are safe from time. If you can enter the building normally or time runs out without any conflict, then you are O.K.

  7. What should I do if a situation occurs where a rules is broken, either by a Player or Non-Player?

    The most important thing is to come to a resolution that continues play as quickly as possible. Try to come to a compromise that quickly allows for game to continue. Inform an Admin if a resolution cannot be achieved or anyone continues to be uncooperative.

  8. What should I do if there is a Medical Emergency?

    Stay calm. In cases of medical emergencies, play immediately stops. Determine the severity of the incident. Immediately call 911 if needed. Apply any first aid or CPR as required. If no Admins are around, contact them.

  9. What should I do if there is a Kill Dispute?

    If there is confusion as to whether a Human has been tagged or not, they cannot be tagged until a conclusion is found. The most important thing is to come to a resolution that continues play as quickly as possible. Try to come to a compromise that quickly allows for game to continue.

    Contact an Admin if the dispute cannot be resolved. The Admin’s decision cannot be appealed on the field. If an Admin cannot be contacted and the dispute cannot be solved by the relevant parties, an email detailing the situation should be sent to the Admin Team at hvzgatech@gmail.com with all relevant names and contact information. The Human should act as an incubating Zombie during this time period.

  10. I found a loophole in Rule 7 Clause 17.B. Can I exploit it?

    The purpose of the rules is to provide a framework through which to create a game. While there may be gaps in the rules that don’t cover certain exceptions, the intention is to foster gameplay. Before abusing a loophole, consider if it goes against the spirit of Humans vs. Zombies. Admin decisions supercede the rules, so always listen to them.