Humans vs Zombies is a week-long, campus-wide game of tag. Players act as either a Human or a Zombie as they try to survive the Zombie Apocalypse or grow the size of the Horde. Zombies attempt to tag Humans to turn them into Zombies, while Humans defend themselves with stunning implements. Throughout the week, missions occur where Humans and Zombies compete to complete objectives.



Humans wear a yellow bandana around their upper arm.

Humans are REQUIRED to carry their player card on them at all times they are in play. This can be found under your Profile.


Zombies wear a yellow bandana around their head if they are unstunned and around their neck if they are stunned. Players may volunteer to start as Zombies by application. The details will be announced prior to Game Week.


Zombies can tag Humans with a firm touch on an appropriate part of the body to turn them into Zombies. Zombies must NOT tackle, trip, or recklessly attack a Human to tag them. Zombies must then turn in the former Human’s player code to the Report A Kill tab on the website within 3 hours and before midnight to receive credit. Newly tagged Zombies incubate for 1 hour, during which they follow rules as if they were stunned.


Humans can defend themselves by throwing or launching stunning implements at Zombies. Zombies are stunned if they are hit on any part of their body, backpack or personal effects. The stunning implement is “dead” only once it hits the ground. Common approved stunning implements include clean sock balls and jumbo marshmallows. Only one projectile must be thrown at a time. No melee weapons. All other stunning implements or blasters need to be approved by the Admins. Guidelines for blasters can be found here. Any electrical modifications made to Nerf blasters must be approved according to the guidelines found here.

Stunned Zombies must immediately raise their hands over their head until they can place their bandana around their neck. The Zombie is stunned for the duration of the stun timer. Stunned Zombies are unable to tag or interfere with Humans. Stunned Zombies must stay out of the way of any active engagement. Zombies must not use a shield. Stunned Zombies must only tell other Zombies what they knew before they were stunned. Stunned Zombies cannot be re-stunned.

Zombies immediately place their bandana back on their forehead at the end of their stun timer, informing any nearby Humans. Zombies may not unstun in close proximity to Humans. The stun timer changes throughout the week. Check the Announcements tab for the current stun timer. Zombies must tell their remaining stun timer to any Human who asks.


Admins wear a black and white checkered bandana. Admins run all aspects of the game, serving as organizers and referees. Admins can be solicited for any question. Admins have final say on all decisions regarding the game. Appeals to rulings must be made by email. Admins can be contacted at hvzgatech@gmail.com.


Non-players are any person not playing the game. Be courteous to all non-players but pretend they do not exist for gameplay. A player must NOT solicit assistance from a non-player.


Humans vs. Zombies takes place outside on campus between 7AM and 11PM, excluding Tech Square, North Ave, GLC and south of Tech Parkway, academic events and No Play Zones. A map of Play Zones is provided here. When off campus, remove your bandana.


Zombies cannot be stunned nor tag a human while at having a foot inside a building. A Zombie must have both feet and their waist outside for 3 seconds to tag a Human. A Zombie with their waist outside CAN tag a human who is inside a building, so it is advised to stay away from doors. Humans can stun Zombies from within a building, but only through doorways. Players must not obstruct the flow of traffic through a doorway.


No Play Zones are locations or events where gameplay must NOT occur. All players must pretend the game does not exist. You must NOT enter these locations for gameplay reasons or camp these locations. Information gained while in a No Play Zone must NOT affect your decisions. No Play Zones include:

  • Greek and religious buildings and properties

  • ROTC events and areas

  • Athletic events, fields, and facilities

  • Marching Band

  • Any form of wheeled transportation

  • Out-of-class required academic events

  • Fire alarms or other mandatory evacuation areas

  • Construction area

  • The Library

  • The CRC

  • Dramatech

  • SAC Fields

  • Klaus Parking Deck

  • The CULC Roof

  • Howey Observatory

  • Stamps Health Center

  • Active traffic

  • The President’s house and property

  • GTPD building or property

  • Restricted area

  • Locations off campus


Players may use buses, cars, or other wheeled transportation to get on and off campus. Zombies may use the buses to move between two locations on campus, Humans must NOT. Players must NOT use any other means of wheeled transportation between two locations on campus.


There are usually 1 to 3 missions spread throughout each day. Mission details are released before start times and can be found under the Mission tab on the website. Mission rewards are granted depending on the completion of objectives. Humans must attend 3 missions, including 1 mission on either Thursday or Friday, to be able to attend Finale as a Human. There are Player Meetings the week before the game you can attend to gain a greater understanding of the rules and meet other players. Players can receive mission credit by attending a player meeting. Humans who do not meet the mission requirements are allowed to attend Finale as a Zombie.


Game Map
Blaster Checklist
Electric Mod Supplement