Provided below is just a quick summary of the rules.
A full document detailing all the rules can be found here.


Don’t be a jerk. Play by the rules. Do not do anything that might endanger yourself, other players or non-players. Observe all laws and school rules. Obey the commands of all Admins, law enforcement officials or any Georgia Tech faculty member. We share this campus with all students and faculty, so be mindful of them!


Humans wear a yellow bandana around their upper arm or upper leg. They can defend themselves by throwing or launching approved stunning implements at Zombies. Zombies are stunned if they are hit on any part of their body, backpack or personal effects. Common approved stunning implements include sock balls and jumbo marshmallows. If you wish to use a different stunning implement or a blaster, ask an Admin for approval and ensure it complies with Section 6: “Approved Stunning Implements”. Only one projectile must be thrown at a time. No melee weapons are allowed.

Humans MUST carry their player card on them, which can be found under the Profile tab. Humans surrender their player card to the Zombie that tags them.


Zombies wear a yellow bandana around their forehead if they are not stunned or around their neck if they are stunned. A Zombie that removes their bandana for more than a few seconds outside of a No Play Zone, dormitory or classroom is automatically stunned for full duration. Stunned Zombies must immediately raise their hands over their head until they can place their bandana around their neck. The Zombie is stunned for the duration of the stun timer. Zombies must NOT defend themselves or other Zombies with a shield.

The stun timer starts at 10 minutes and changes throughout the week. Zombies immediately place their bandana back on their forehead at the end of their stun timer. Check the Announcements tab for the current stun timer. Zombies must tell their remaining stun timer to any Human who asks, but cannot be “re-stunned”. Stunned Zombies are unable to tag or interfere with Humans. Stunned Zombies must stay out of the way of any active engagement. Stunned Zombies must only tell other Zombies what they knew before they were stunned.

Zombies can tag Humans with a firm touch on an appropriate part of the body to turn them into Zombies. Zombies must NOT tackle, trip, or recklessly attack a Human to tag them. Zombies must then turn in the former Human’s player code to the Report Kills tab on the website within 3 hours or before midnight to receive credit. Newly tagged Zombies incubate for 1 hour, during which they follow rules as if they were stunned.

Players may volunteer to start as Zombies by application. The details will be announced prior to Game Week.


Admins wear a black and white checkered bandana. Admins run the game and act as judges on and off the field. Admins can be solicited for any question. Admins have final say in all game decisions. Appeals to ruling must be made by email. Admins can be contacted at hvzgatech@gmail.com.


Non-players are any person not playing the game. Be courteous to all non-players but pretend they do not exist for gameplay. A player must NOT solicit assistance from a non-player. If a non-player interferes in the game, inform them of the rule but continue play.


Play Zones are where normal play happens. Play Zones include most outdoor areas of campus between 7AM and 11PM, with the exception of construction, Tech Square, North Ave, GLC and south of Tech Parkway. If it can be reached without walking through a door and is not listed as a No Play Zone, it is a Play Zone. Zombies must be in a Play Zone for 3 seconds to tag a Human or be stunnable, and Humans must be in a Play Zone for 3 seconds to be taggable. A player is in a Play Zone if they have both feet outside in a Play Zone. A map of Play Zones is provided here.


No Play Zones are locations or events where gameplay must NOT occur. All players must pretend the game does not exist. You must NOT enter these locations for gameplay reasons or camp within 10 feet of the entrances to these locations. Information gained while in a No Play Zone must NOT affect your decisions. No Play Zones include:

Players may use buses or cars to get on and off campus. Zombies may use the buses to move between two locations on campus. No player may use any other means of wheeled transportation. For specifics on No Play Zones or Transportation rules, see Section 4.2. No Play Zones and 4.6. Transportation.


Safe Zones are locations or events where Humans are safe from being tagged and Zombies are safe from being stunned. These include all buildings not noted as No Play Zones. In a Safe Zone, Humans are allowed to ask for Earshot, whereupon the Zombies must give the Human 15 feet of clearance to allow for making of plans. This must NOT be used to escape. Do not run in buildings. Do not use stunning implements from doorways.


There are usually 1 to 3 missions spread throughout each day. Rewards are granted depending on completion of objectives. Mission details are released before start times and can be found under the Mission tab on the website. There are Player Meetings the week before the game you can attend to gain a greater understanding of the rules and meet other players.


Finale is a final mission to determine which faction wins at the end of the week. To attend finale as a Human, players must have attended 3 missions throughout the week, including 1 mission on Thursday or Friday. One player meeting can count towards the 3 mission requirement. Humans who do not meet the mission requirements are allowed to attend Finale as a Zombie.